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Our Story

Afretna blends Africa and beauty (rafetna).


Afretna concept implies a cross-border perception of the chic and the classy. It is the fruit of years of globetrotting, from boutique hotels to Manors, and guesthouses - in West Africa, America, Europa and Asia; persistently, we've witnessed the sequels of the chic and functionality of the old world revealed in the new - yet different in their materials, colors and applications. This experience is what Afretna is bringing in your environment. 


Afretna's relationship with designers goes beyond buy and sell. We’ve been their customers, wearing and using their creations, and the ensuing decade established a wide-eyed collaboration between makers and en-users.

We exchange ideas about : design, material, functionality and challenges ahead to fit the European expectations and regulations.


Afretna collaborates with designers who are willing and able to emerge from their natural environment, to contribute in the world perception of beauty (rafetna) and sophistication.

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