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Wickerwork Redesigned

“Wickerwork Redesigned” is an assortment of practical accessories made from a straw body, finely processed leather, and up-cycled plastic strips. The models come in single units and in sets of two or three. Other than the usual traditional ellipsoid form, with cone lid, there are also flat top stackable cylindrical shapes, and the classic Huntington with firm leather handles. 

Three different techniques are used to make them sturdy and standout; straw weaving, the plastic normally used just to secure to straw and serves main coloring, are in this case only used as base color and simple decorative precise geometrical forms which determines the nature and texture of the practical and decorative processed leather.

Wickerwork Redesigned


Brown : Multi Purpose XL leather skin-over-straw basket: 85X50cm 5,4kg

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